Friday, May 2, 2014

Parallel Project

For the Parallel Project we have to choose a current event and make a piece of artwork metaphorically relating to that event. I was talking with my table mates and a story about a couple who found 7 dead babies in a woman's garage packed on cardboard boxes, caught my attention.  This story turned everyone's stomach as to how cruel this was, surprisingly though, none of us has heard of that article until that moment. The article came out in 2006, which was plenty of time for this tragic news to get attention. We all questioned how this could of happend, because her husband was in jail for 8 years. I though this would be perfect for the project seeing that this tragic story has never been heard. The sketch is the mother continuing on with her daily life, for instance shopping at the grocery store, but the burden of her babies are crawling behind her. The woman may try and move on with her life, but her tragic past claws at her feet "dying" for attention. 

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