Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Relax

The theme for our project was tension. My mind inmmediately brought me to an image of someone getting a relaxing massage to relieve the tension from their life. This peice of art portrays a woman getting a massage from hot stones to relieve the tension in her back. I used shading to emphasize the stones and tried to express the importance of dark and light. I directed the light to come from the left, so the naturally, the right side of the woman's body would be the darkest. Everyone has stress or tension in their lives and as show in the drawing above, a relaxing massage could get ride of it.

Let Them Go

My first assignment of 2014 was to include typeography in our peice of art. I used oil pastels to outline the ballons and colored pencils to fill in the balloons with the colors blue, orange, red, and green. To include typography,  I wrote the word "live" repeatedly to form the letters L-I-V-E. I decided to assemble the word "live" on the balloons, because balloons signify letting go and gaining the freedom to live life however a person chooses.