Art 3 Final Portfolio

The project that was my most successful was the Parallel project. For this project I worked with charcoal and the completed piece was outstanding. I had never worked with charcoal before, so I was a bit apprehensive about the whole process. I had practiced a week prior to starting the project, just to get use to the material. I started to gain more confidence about my piece when I realized how well the babies turned out. Some people even stopped by and complemented me on my work, which was greatly appreciated. This only gave me more determination to finish my project so that everyone could see the final product. I did have trouble with the smaller details in the art, because I was using charcoal and it's hard to use that sort of material on such a small space. Because of this, the hands were one of the last things to be finished. Since I didn't know how to complete the hands with the charcoal I starting to get flustered, because I was so close to the end. The frustration was short lived, because a fellow classmate made a comment about if they had claws it would excel in the creepiness department. So, I took her advice and with a little more tweaking I had completed my most favorite piece of the year, "The Mother".

Do over:
If I had the opportunity to re-do a project I would definitely choose the Appropriation project. Although, it wasn't horrible, it just turned out "cute". I felt like I didn't push myself during this project and I could have done better. The "time is money" idea was great for this project, but it could have been better executed. Through my eyes, it just looks plain and falls flat of that "wow" factor. The things that eat me up on the inside every time I look at this project is the fact the the circle isn't perfect and there is a stray black line. Well, that's all I have to say about that. 

I really enjoyed working with watercolor this year! In the previous years I didn't get the chance to work with it as much, but I'm happy I did this year. When I attended one of the art honor society meetings they were doing a water coloring workshop. Actually,one of my friends had her grandma who was very passionate about water color teach us some things. I wasn't very experienced with water colors and she said that mountains or hills were always a great start. I soon realized that you can't put too much color and water on your brush, because it will come out to dark and spread quickly splotching the whole piece. Third times the charm,because it was on the third try I was satisfied with my art.
I wish I used more pastels through the year. I found the colors vibrant and usually matched what I was feeling that day. I've always admired at how some artist and use pastels and form beautiful portraits or landscapes. Pastels are more or less the opposite of water colors, because an artist is able to overlap colors and include values. I have bettered myself with adding value to my artwork and I was looking forward to experimenting with pastels and hopefully falling in love with another medium. 

On March 25 our warm up was to sketch a broken egg. I really like this one, because I had gotten better with adding more realistic values than the day before. Over the course of the semester, I have evolved my ability to include more value in my art pieces and I'm proud of that. I use to be extremely horrible at adding values and highlights in my art, making them look unrealistic and cartoon-like. I never though I would get to the phase in my life where I was actually decent and drawing realistically. I think that's what this warm-up was trying to do, help us capture the light and dark spaces and draw what we see. I will be definitely be practicing this skill over the summer.   

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