Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ME as a Art Project

  After learning about shadows and highlights, put our skills to the ultimate test. Using oil pastels we had to draw a picture of someone. Being forgeful me, I kept forgetting a photo and ended up drawing myself. I started out drawing squared by square but then got bored and started free drawing myself. Without the color it looked pretty good. When I started to add the color I enjoyed coloring the hair beause I put so many different shades in it. The face was the most difficult because I could figure out how to make my face look like it has shape and highlights, so my face looks kind of flat. The eyebrows were colored orange so they would pop out to the veiwers. I enjoyed working on this project and getting mess while doing it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Finally done. Working as a group we took the anisitive and finished what we started. Using 4 shades of mud, we had to match the mud type to where it was supose to go. My other two group members were working very efficently but me on the other hand, was very confused on what part of the bunny was suppose to be what color. I stopped every 5 seconds to make sure I was doing it right. Honestly, I zoned out a couple times so when I snapped myself back to reality my part of the bunny was done. MUDnny is done. We are victorious.

                                     Special thanks to Madyson and Caitlin for helping out!

So Far So Great

Outline, done. It took twice as long because the first the chalk wouldn't show through the paper so we had to eyeball the paper and freehand the outine. Looking at it now, the extra time and effort was worth it. Now all we need is mud.

Starting our Mud Project

Starting our mud project, My group mates and I pray that the outline of our bunny comes out as planned. Without the outline we would be forever lost.

Value Scale Portriat

In Art Class this week, we were learning about value scale drawings. To perfect this art, our teacher took pictures of us in black and white and put them on the board. Each student had to go up and pick a portriat. The picture I picked was pretty simple but, that's what made it hard. After tracing the picture into my sketchbook I had the hardest time drawing her hair. I could see how I wanted her hair to look in my head but, I just couldn't it on paper. I did well on shading and instead of using the provided shading tool, I just used my finger. Shading was definetly the best part of the picture. But I'll tell you what, if the first shading project wasn't as good the next one can't be far off from what I want it to look like. Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shadow Flower Art

Getting the assignment of making a shadow art drawing, we as a group decided on making flower shadows. We drew and cut out unique flower shapes and instead of taping them to the ceiling like other groups, we agreed on taped them to a piece of paper randomly. Putting the paper to the light, you can see the different light values of the flowers. Since the flower shadows overlap one another, it makes this piece of art even more eye popping.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cassette Art Flower

I did a cassette art design of a flower. In my  personal opinion, it looks pretty EPIC. It took forever to finish but, the result was definetly worth the work and time.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Elephant Hand comes to life

After drawing my elephant hand we got the chance to paint our hands like our animal. The outcome of my is pretty sweet. But, my hand hurts! Keeping my hand in this position takes some major concentration.

Elephant Hand Drawing

Hey, check out my awesome elephant hand drawing! Doesn't it look so real? I can't believe I pulled it off.