Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look at the Love Boats

When we had the freedom to do our own projects I chose to work with Origami. I became aware that making origami are way harder than it seemed, needless to say I’m a beginner. So I set out to work with the easier origami like the boats and hearts. Since I could do anything with my limited skill level and the deadline coming up, I thought it would be cute to have the hearts in the boats making the ironic term “love boats”. I was talking with my table and we thought it would be fun if we put the names of couples on the hearts, whether they were from books, movies, video games or even celebrities. Here are some pictures of the finished product.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time Project

Artist Collaborate:
    At the beginning of the project I was clueless as to how I was going to incorporate time in a piece of art. I literally sat in my seat staring at the canvas hoping that an idea would come to me. By chance, my friend in fourth period is a huge fan of Doctor Who and was ranting about previous episodes when the idea of incorporating Doctor Who into this project.  After telling her about my dilemma in art she recommended to me that there was no better idea for this project than to involve an something from Doctor Who, since the whole show is centered around time travel. I decide to make my piece of art about the Doctor’s time machine, the Tardis that looks to be a blue telephone box. I was set on painting just the Tardis floating in space, but Madyson gave me the idea of incorporating fictional places in different times that appeared through wormholes. So I decided to do a lamppost, which represents Narinia, a door with 221B on it, a popular icon I the show Sherlock, and even the silhouette of Hogwarts from the infamous Harry Potter. I also, thought it was cool to have all of the locations trace back to England, but since they were in different times I found it ironic.  
Artist Solve Problems:
    At the beginning of the project I was clueless as to how I was going to incorporate time in a piece of art. I literally sat in my seat staring at the canvas hoping that an idea would come to me. After I had my idea and had gotten started and was doing well for a while. After sketching the Tardis onto the canvas I realized the width wasn't identical to the one in my sketch. I thought about erasing half and making the adjustment which meant I would have to take a couple steps backwards and destroy the detail I had worked so hard to include. When it was time to clean up I was frustrated and irritated with myself, but then a classmate took a look at it and knew exactly what it was. I felt a sense of relief that even though it wasn't identical people were able to recognize what I was trying to do.  The other struggle I had was trying to find the right shade of blue. When I started the painting process, I was using a blue that was closer to a purple and I knew I was at another dilemma. I knew making it darker or light would make it either look light purple or dark purple. A resolution came soon when I found out that another student working hard on their project had the same blue I need. I was happy to have found an easy solution, because I couldn't afford anymore setbacks if I want to meet my personal deadline.
Artist Create Original Art:
  I know that the Tardis, from Doctor Who isn’t my original idea. I did make sure I drew the design by hands and not just sketch it onto a canvas and call it my own, which would be plagiarizing and illegal. Adding my own original touch is another reason of why I decided to include different imagines from British pop culture in my piece as well. I thought about how many have draw, painted, or sculpted the Tardis, but I haven’t seen anyone included themes from other books or movies into the same work of art. Many who know of the show of Doctor Who will most likely see the resemblance it has to time, saying that it is a time machine. If others don’t, they will getting the references to Harry Potter, Narnia, or  Sherlock.