Thursday, September 22, 2011

Value Scale Portriat

In Art Class this week, we were learning about value scale drawings. To perfect this art, our teacher took pictures of us in black and white and put them on the board. Each student had to go up and pick a portriat. The picture I picked was pretty simple but, that's what made it hard. After tracing the picture into my sketchbook I had the hardest time drawing her hair. I could see how I wanted her hair to look in my head but, I just couldn't it on paper. I did well on shading and instead of using the provided shading tool, I just used my finger. Shading was definetly the best part of the picture. But I'll tell you what, if the first shading project wasn't as good the next one can't be far off from what I want it to look like. Wish me luck :)

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