Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finished Parallel Project

I wasn't entirely sure about using charcoal on such a small details, but it turned out fantastic! I was really wary about the limbs and how they would turn out, because they were so thin and most artist use charcoal for more massive projects. I'm really thrilled that they turned out the way they did and the viewers can see the movement of the babies. I also gave the babies and the mother claws instead of real hands and fingers, to add to the creepy effect. I really enjoyed using the charcoal on the floor, I know it's kinda overlooked and not the main focus, but I love how it's darker on the outside and in the middle it's lighter. The items on the shelves were cool to draw too, because the light looks like it's not just focused on the same spot on every item. Although, it took a really long time to complete and I took plenty of breaks in between every shelf.

I haven't  used charcoal on a project ever in my three years of art. I was so apprehensive, that I spent a week just practicing how to get the right values for my piece. I actually tried prolonging the use of  charcoal as long as I could, because I didn't want to mess up. Eventually, I put on my big girl pants and I got to work.  After I completed this I had a new thrill for charcoal. I hope in the future I get the opportunity to work with charcoal again. The main lesson I learned from this project is to "not be afraid of the dark."

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  1. I am very amazed at your interpretation of the news report of a lady how killed her kids and put them in boxes in her garage.

    Wow this is awesome.... Your mom