Thursday, April 24, 2014

Perspective Project

For the Perspective project the group that I'm in has decide to put get word "Pride" up on a wall in the courtyard. We had technical complications at the start, but we manage to push through and have resolved to using tape as our main resource. We thought it would be cool if we would use school colors to represent the pride of Apex High. It was hard at the beginning to position the letters the right way, because we were all different heights and each of use saw it a different way. The solution to that problem was easy, we just let one person be the director. Another challenge was tring to follow the directions of the director, because most of he group couldn't explain with words were we needed to 
 the tape without being confused. This led to frustration and arguements within the group, in result, some of the group members,me included, scurried away from the situation and waited for things to die down, which would take longer than you would think. Sick of the constant bickering, I brought in a laser pointer to help direct us where to go and just like that, the quarreling stopped and the work began. We are in the process of scrapping up all the duck tape we can find in order to complete this piece.

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